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Records and Documents Management System

Teklink Product Records and Documents Management System Our Records and Documents Management System provides the ability to digitise any records and documents as well as digital documentation continuity. The solution provides the following key elements: 01.Management of Electronic Records, storage and retrieval; Electronic Records Management, Physical Records Management, Documents management and workflows and Consultancy Services and training. Hosting of electronic …

Modern POS Software

Teklink Product Morden POS System Turn any mobile device into a powerful point of sale. You can download the SHORPAR POS app to any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. 01.Customizable POS terminal: Personalise you POS system to your business. Keep your most-used apps, discounts, and products at your fingertips so you can fly through checkout. 02.Fully Integrated Hardware: Get …

Contract/SLA Management System

Teklink Product Contract/SLA Management System Teklink has developed a Contract Management solution which is able to perform the following functions: Facilitating of faster approval times through efficiencies created as a result of the automation of the contract/SLA management process Risk reduction through identification of Contracts/SLA that require immediate attention, Improving completion and commitments, Increasing the contract lifecycle completion rate, Increasing …

Client Relationship Management system (CRM)

Teklink Product Client Relationship Management System Our CRM software keeps track of your business’ leads, prospective clients and current customers. It records key details and interactions so you can manage their journey through every step of the sales cycle. Our software further integrates other modules such as project management, billing, contract management and task management under one platform. The solution …


Teklink Product Strima 01.Event Management Create and schedule events 02.Monetization Calculator Know how much you can potentially earn 03.Channel Management Create and manage your own channel, 04.Premier Video Management Create premier videos and schedule them 05.Ticket management Understand In-depth clients’ business requirements 06.Upload Video Content Upload pre-recorded videos with unique content and monetize them through either ticketing, donations, or advertising. …

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