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Education Technologies


We serve educational institutions and educational entrepreneurs with hands-on and technology-based learning solutions for classrooms, libraries, administration, school fees, academics, access control, attendance management, Covid19 monitoring, and many others in educational campuses.

Full custom ERP Solution

We provide end to end school ERP solutions and education management technologies including virtual learning tech, online schooling tech, virtual labs tech and many more.

Virtual Classroom
Our Live virtual classroom software is an integral part of the Digital Learning Management eco-system. We provide a state-of-the-art live online training classroom that comes loaded with functionality such as live video’s, crystal clear audio, multiple interactive whiteboards, mark-up and annotation tools, file and document sharing, screen sharing and many other collaboration tools.
Biometric Attendance Monitoring
Through our next-generation facial and finger biometric systems, tracking the attendance of students and staff, record Punch in & Out Time, calculating the aggregate work duration of staff, leave management, etc have become simple, accurate and trustworthy.

For every institution, one of the drawbacks is the lack of proper communication. How admins communicate with users, how the management is able to communicate to the faculties, how the institute is able to communicate with parents and students. This plugin of communication keeps the parent updated about their child on a daily basis.

Our Transportation Module gives a speedy and secure way to track the location of all your school vehicles that ferry students to and from the school.

We provide an advanced School Bus GPS Tracking System which is being fitted in every school vehicle which allows school authorities to view the location of the vehicles from their smartphone. Additionally, Parents can likewise track the School Bus through our School Mobile App.

A considerable measure of administrative work is lessened when parents can straightforwardly pay for their ward’s school fee, uniform fee, and many more at a same place and institute can settle the collection into their accounts without doing any paperwork.

Teklink provides quality solutions around custom mobile applications for schools in different sectors, this allows learners and parents to have quick access to any important information and perform specific task right at their finger tips.